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Welcome to Ozone Recruitment

We are a Global Recruitment Agency with a very strong portfolio of over 1400+ clients in various business verticals with over a million + staff count.

To service the increasing demands of our valuable clients we have a very strong team of 50+ recruiters constantly working round the clock to assist millions of people in finding their dream jobs.

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Our passion is in providing quality results by sourcing the right people for each job, and ensuring that the process is managed with true professionalism and flare from beginning to the end.

Getting the most out of your HR recruitment consultant means having someone who understands your market and its pressure points.

Our highly trained and experienced HR recruiters have this knowhow across key business sectors and specifically pertaining to HR recruitment, positioning them as genuine experts with strategic insight into sourcing the best candidates for each vacancy. And because we are an established HR recruitment agency, we are able to hit the spot and deliver outstanding results for our candidates and clients each and every time.

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As the leading HR recruitment specialist across the Glbe, we have an unparalleled network of high calibre professionals at all levels.

Our unique balance of national coverage along with a practised attention to detail on each client’s brief, means that we are able to provide advice across a full spectrum of HR recruitment needs.

Although we understand that some positions go beyond classic definition, we offer full support from directorate to assistant level.

As a leading team of national HR recruiters, we take our job seriously. Our regional network across the UK means that we have a truly local focus, with a nationwide knowledge base.

We take pride in delivering outstanding results, and the depth and breadth of knowledge of every HR recruitment consultant we employ enables us to provide the best care to both candidates and clients alike.


John Smith

Ozone Specialist Recruitment

“Working with Integrity HR has given me peace of mind. I am a true believer in bringing in the experts for HR advice and that’s why I partner with Integrity HR.”

Roger Binni

Ozone Specialist Recruitment

“We’re all about technology and great at what we do, but the human systems and HR part is something we count on the real professionals to help us with. That’s why we partner with Integrity HR – they’re the experts.”